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Editorial: A new EJG section entitled “Geographic Insights in Brief”

Panos Manetos | Alexandros Bartzokas-Tsiompras | Kostis C. Koutsopoulos Downloads: 137

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Published: 2022/05/04 DOI:

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Keywords: EJG, Editorial


We are happy to announce a new European Journal of Geography (EJG) section titled ‘Geographic Insights in brief’. This initiative complements the new approach of EJG publishing (immediate publication of papers after the end of the review process) The short papers in this section will be published as part of each issue of the journal and will be reviewed only by the editorial team, in order to achieve fast dissemination of new and interesting ideas and applications. This section will accept two kinds of papers: First, papers announcing new ideas, breakthroughs and innovations in all Geographical areas that need to be immediately communicate to all geographers. The authors can later proceed to publish a fully developed traditional paper. Second, brief reports focusing on short, clear and pointed geographical research results and data. These shorter and more digestible items will help geographers to get a better understanding about specific spatial dimensions of environmental, social and economic phenomena and interactions that can feed an ongoing policy discussion with just a small amount of original visual analytics and geographical data. That is, present a smart and successive visualization or datasets, such as cartograms, mental maps, web-GIS platforms, real-time geographies and so on. This process provides new opportunities for intellectual communications and benefits for both researchers and practitioners to present new theoretical and empirical findings from new research and/or innovative geospatial applications. This new EJG section follows the trend in contemporary scholarship on geography to provide open access, inclusive and flexible platforms that express new, vibrant and exciting ideas. The requirements for the new series in EJG are: 1. Scope: European topics in human or physical geography, using cartography, GIS, remote sensing, quantitative or qualitative methods. 2. It includes one main idea or one research question, a reproducible method and one single map and up to two extra figures or/and tables. 3. It has an abstract of 100 words, three to six keywords and one or two research highlights. 4. It has a total word limit of around 1.000-2.000 words (including the main text, figures, tables and references). 5. Maps should comply with the usual cartographic and semiotic rules 6. Data and/or Code should be available on currently available repositories (e.g., Figshare, Mendeley data, Github, CRAN, Dataverse etc.) We welcome research contributions in the scientific fields of geography, planning, sociology, regional science, health, history, engineering, informatics, architecture. For any questions, please write to the editorial team ( to discuss intended submissions.

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Volume 13, No 4, 2022
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