Vol. 12 No. 2 (2021)
Research Article

Capacity of Zlatitsa Municipality (Western Bulgaria) to provide ecosystem services

Published 2022-01-27


  • cosystem services, CORINE, Zlatitsa Municipality

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GRIGOROV, Borislav. 2022. “Capacity of Zlatitsa Municipality (Western Bulgaria) to Provide Ecosystem Services”. European Journal of Geography 12 (2). https://www.eurogeojournal.eu/index.php/egj/article/view/93.


The present research aims at estimating the capacity of the ecosystems in Zlatitsa Municipality to provide certain types of ecosystem services. The case study area is located in the western parts of Bulgaria, and it is a part of Sofia Province. The basis of the study is the CORINE Land Cover (CLC) classification (2018) upon which the Maes typology has been built. Fourteen (14) CLC Classes were distinguished in Zlatitsa Municipality, as well as five (5) ecosystem types. The capacity of the latter to provide ecosystem services was evaluated, based on a six-grade scale. The results of the study include maps of the provisioning, regulating, and cultural service capacity of the area, as well as an overall map of all of them. The research outcomes provided successful results, focusing on the importance of the provision of ecosystem services. They can be applied as a framework for similar studies in the neighboring municipalities.


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