Vol. 8 No. 1 (2017)
Research Article

SIGECAH as a tool for the collaborative learning of Social Sciences in Andalusian Secondary Schools

Published 2017-01-01


  • collaborative learning,
  • Geohistorical sources,
  • Secondary schools,
  • historical cadastre

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Cuesta, Ángel Ignacio Aguilar. 2017. “SIGECAH As a Tool for the Collaborative Learning of Social Sciences in Andalusian Secondary Schools”. European Journal of Geography 8 (1). https://www.eurogeojournal.eu/index.php/egj/article/view/282.


Almost a decade ago, as a result of the initiative promoted by the researcher Laura García
Juan, the project SIGECAH (Historical Cadastre Managing System) was born with the aim
of improving the analysis of geohistorical sources from cadastral documentation, firstly in
Spain, and later taking another geographical scope. Its development and efficiency have
diversified it inside the educational and research sector due to its digital platform. In order
to make knowledge accessible and to turn students into active agents inside the classrooms
of Andalusian Secondary Schools, we present an open didactical proposal for the Social
Sciences: Geography and History. Thereby, SIGECAH does not only work as a tool for the
treatment of the geohistorical sources and its cartographic transformation thanks to the
Geographic Information System, furthermore, because of collaborative learning, teachers
and pupils can join the project from their centres of Secondary Education, sharing
information and researching about the changes in different places of the Andalusian


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